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Work at a Pizza Place is a game in Roblox. It is created by Dued1 in 2008. It is the fourth game on Roblox to hit 1 billion visits, after MeepCity, Jailbreak, and Murder Mystery 2. The goal of the game is to work at the pizza place where there are a variety of jobs to get Moneyz from Paychecks. Players can use Moneyz to upgrade their House, buy items, and furniture. There are six jobs that the players can choose: Cashier, Cook, Pizza Boxer, Delivery, Supplier, and Manager. Players can go on a break and go to other houses, play around with gear, and even travel to other islands. They can also party it out at Party Island. With so many things to do, players will have hours and hours of fun. There's also The Dump. You can paint your house using the dump before they updated it and you could use the paint tool to color your house, furniture and cars. You cannot paint cars with a player using it. The Dump is a sell and buy place.

Work at a Krusty Krab[edit | edit source]

Work at a Krusty Krab was the original Work at a Pizza Place, however the game was shut down in early 2008 due to copyright reasons. There is a copy of the game called Work at a Burger Place, which is only accessible if you turn on detailed water. You can find it while swimming.

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